In this article, we will review the Flatsome theme. If you already have taken a decision and want to open an online business shop for your website, of course, you will require a highly customizable e-commerce theme. But it’s not easy to find a perfect theme for your website. But this job will become more crucial when the time comes for choosing a theme for your own online business shop. Everyone wants cheap but the best one. There are thousands of templates so, who will claim themselves that their service is the best.

So, the question is what you should do now? Give up finding out the best template? No, never! You need to spend some time to know about favorite themes, and which one will be better for you. Here we are going to discuss one.  The Flatsome theme is one of the most popular WooCommerce templates. This theme is dedicated to the WooCommerce industry.

Now we are going to discuss details about Flatsome theme for WordPress.

Necessary information about Flatsome Theme

The Flatsome theme for WordPress comes with full WooCommerce support and specially designed for modern online business. Flatsome is the best selling WooCommerce theme till 2019. In September 2013, this theme was developed by a power elite author of ThemeForest UX Themes. On ThemeForest, this template has been sold 88k+ times, and average earning rating is 4.80. If your site is running WooCommerce 3.5+ and WordPress 4.9/5.0+, then you can use the latest version of Flatsome theme (3.7.2) quickly and smoothly.

Templates creator’s goal is creating a template that will easily customizable and has a highly functional option. And in this purposes, Flatsome theme has been very successful. In this theme you will get a live search option for products, highly shopping functionally, easy navigation, besides there are sticky headers, unlimited forms and wishlist and so on.

You can use and control it both from mobile and desktop. Flatsome has full responsive features. Flatsome is the perfect theme for a business website, online shop, or an agency. This theme has DIY features with huge options. That means if you don’t have any skills in coding, but still, you can create anything.

Design and Style

Primarily, Flatsome theme is designed to accomplish with WooCoommere and for running an e-commerce site but this theme can be used as a multipurpose theme. It has a clean, elegant, responsive interface, and that’s all offers you a multitude option that means you can customize in every part of your site.

UX Themes have built this template focusing on your customer attention. It combines a structured and clean grid with a unique look and stylish architecture and these all assist you to create a high and professional looking e-commerce site.

You can represent your site in multiple ways with Flatsome theme. And you can control your entire website design in pixels.

With endless customization option, you can bring any changes to your site just within a few minutes. This is not a matter of fact which design you choose, and every design is ready, minimal, and responsive to perform efficiently in all device such as desktop or mobile.

Flatsome Theme Review

Flatsome is definitely one of the most popular WooCommerce themes on the market today. Let’s take a look at Flatsome in depth. Here we’ll highlight the main features of the theme.

Who is Flatsome For?

The Flatsome theme is versatile incredibly, and you can make your online shop with it, not an only online shop but also any type of website, such as a blog, one-page marketing site, small business site, everything. It was designed for WooCommerce premium and using WooCommerce plugin on the market.

•    This theme is the best to build an E-commerce site with WordPress.

•    Suitable for any WooCommerce shops

•    Excellent theme for freelancers and agencies for making many sites because it has versatility and endless layout option.

•    This theme is also good for blogs and company websites.

Getting Started with Flatsome Theme

This theme is only available in ThemeForest. ThemeForest is the most popular marketplace for themes. Its price is only 59$, and it is a one-time fee. After purchasing this, you can download a zip file, and in this file, you will get everything that you need to get started.

Flatsome WooCommerce Theme Feature

Let’s take a tour of Flatsome theme and discover the exciting parts of this theme.

flatsome woocommerce theme

Live Search

The flatsome theme includes live search features so that your users find their products quickly that they are looking for. Just starting to type and see the result instantly.

Product Quick View

Your customer can preview any product from the main shop or products category list. This quick view will open in a lightbox with an animation.

Products or Category Layouts

For your products layout, you can choose three different styles. These are:

•    Grid view

•    List view          

•    Masonry view

flatsome woocommerce theme

Individual Products Page Layouts

You can customize completely however you want to display your products, and it’s applicable for every individual product. You are not limited to upload the image on the left, on the right side product descriptions, and reviews down from below and so on. You can move around this thing to better accommodate that you are selling.

flatsome theme review

Here’s an example of some of the preset product page layouts you can use:

flatsome wordpress theme

Catalog Mode

Without selling them you can display your products by using the catalog mode option.

•    Hide/show prices 

•    Replace “add to cart” with forms or another custom code

•    From all aspects of the site, you can remove the shopping cart

flatsome theme for wordpress

Other Features of WooCommerce

We make a list of all things that Flatsome theme can do for your WooCommerce site, and this is the vital part of Flatsome theme review. These features are:

•    Quick add to cart button  

•    Customize new notification bubble and sale

•    Add your products to a wishlist

•    For every sizes screen desktop or mobile per row, you can set different products

•    Add product images and color variation

•    For external products built-in support

•    Choose horizontal or vertical image galleries

•    Every product image applies a quick zoom on mouseover.

•    For displaying product description, reviews, and additional information, you can use multiple tab styles.

General Features of Flatsome Theme     

These are the things which will benefit any website and are not unique to a WooCommerce site.

Tons of Theme Options in the Customizer

This theme has a ton of options for customization that means you will get a super, simple editing option. For example, you can customize your navigation and header. And every section you will find a minimum of 10 options.

flatsome header customizer

Flatsome Header Builder

This theme includes its own header builder that is very easy to use, and this comes with huge options. There are 3 customizable header areas. These are:

•    Top header     

•    Middle or main header and

•    Bottom header.

Using the top header is essential but not necessary. Middle or main header includes your logo, categories, and main shop pages, search and cart. And you can use your bottom header as a showcase of your main shop pages. But your main header is the most prominent part of your shop. Actually, you can rearrange things as like as you want.

Besides Flatsome also includes a bundle of preset option that you can apply with a click. Here are some examples

flatsome theme for wordpress

Flatsome Footer Options

In different ways, you can customize the Flatsome footer.

•    Dark or light options

•    Change alignment to right/left/ center.

•    Go transparent or change the background color

•    To design something unique by using UX page builder and replace the entire footer.  

flatsome woocommerce theme

Flatsome Blog Options

 In many different ways, you can display your blog posts.

•    Greyscale images and it turns to color on hover

•    Title on an image or show them below of your picture

•    To post a slider apply in different styles of animation.

•    Hide or show the read more buttons

•    In a masonry grid display blog posts

flatsome blog theme

Performance and Speed

The flatsome theme has been optimized especially for speed. Incredibly it loads very fast, and your customer gets a quick and easy shopping experience.

flatsome theme review

One-Click Child Theme Creation

Going to set up you can create a child theme for you just with one click. It’s effortless to create. This makes it easy to create custom CSS styles while ensuring the parent theme updated.

Demo Content

For beginner and new WordPress user, editing demo content is very, and quickly they can understand how to create their own. You can quickly start by importing their pre-built layout and all the content of the demo.


Flatsome Theme comes with different plugins with incredible features. And these all will help to make the success of your shop. This theme allows the user to use WooCommerce, Nextend Facebook Connect, Ninja Forms, Regenerate thumbnails, Taxonomy Metadata, Ajax search, WP Instagram WidgetYITH WooCommerce Wishlist and so on.

Updates and Support

UX Theme sells only Flatsome theme, and this company gives their focus on this theme. They update it continuously to support the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress. It happens because they have only one theme to support and they give their best to provide their excellent customer service.

Flatsome Pros and Cons

Everything has both good and bad sides. From this article of Flatsome theme review, we discuss both Pros and Cons of Flatsome theme. In this article, we already discussed in detail about Flatsome theme.

Flatsome Theme Pros

•    From every aspect of WooCommerce site, it is optimized incredibly.

•    Unlimited design options including powerful page builder.

•    There have substantial pre-build designs, and you can apply them just with one click.

•    Enough theme options rather than your expectation.

•    Excellent documentation and 24/7 support by their support team.

Flatsome theme cons

The Flatsome theme has huge Pros, but also there are some Cons too. There are some things that you need to keep in your mind:

•    It can be difficult if you decide to switch themes later.

•    You have to pay just a little extra money to get extended support beyond six months.

•    This theme is more potent than others, so you need to learn more curve than another WooCommerce theme.


Choosing Flatsome Theme, of course, is one of the smartest decisions.  It is a fantastic versatile theme. This Theme will allow you to design all of the things that you want. So, if you want all of these, you should purchase Flatsome WordPress Theme. It has the latest version with lots of control option. This theme is well optimized, user-friendly and more intuitive. So, why are you waiting? We hope this Flatsome theme review will help you to take the best decision.

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