Hosting nowadays comes with a lot of problems. That’s why choosing the right hosting for your website is very important. Here we are going to talk about the fastest hosting of today, and you can consider these as best WordPress hosting of 2019.

It does not matter whether you are starting a new business online or you already have one, speed is the main key to make sure that your site can perform well and grow faster. Not only that but also this will keep you visitor active.

There’s so many hosting to choose from SiteGround, A2 Hosting, Bluehost… etc. But whichever hosting you choose, you have to keep in mind the 5 most important factors of a WordPress hosting:

·        Speed

·        Security

·        Uptime

·        Price

·        Customer Support

But looking inside for the fastest web hosting is a bit tricky because every host is different. Their multitude packages can make you a bit confused, but after reading this article completely, you will have proper knowledge about the best WordPress hosting nowadays.

Before going straight to the topic, I’d like to talk about a few things.

Why is speed important for hosting?

The fastest WordPress hosting will make your work easy in many ways. A slow hosting is the main reason of low conversion rate. Besides a slow hosting also slows down the admin panel and that makes your work more time-consuming and harder.

However, a fast hosting is important to make your visitor feel comfortable when they are browsing your website.

Nowadays I’d say SiteGround is on the top of the list of fastest WordPress hosting but if you want to look into the list of the top 11 then feel free to dive in.

Why is security important for hosting?

I’d say security is the 2nd most important thing to think of because I can assure that you really don’t want to get your site hacked, do you? Definitely not so why would you consider this part.

However, all the listed items are highly secured we’ll talk on that later.

Why is uptime important for hosting?

Uptime is one of the most important issues. Just consider yourself as a visitor and think that you went to a website and that site isn’t responding.

Yeah, you got it. That is pretty much irritating. As an owner of a company, you have to think about your visitors comfort zone, and definitely you have to create that comfort zone without any doubt.

That’s because Uptime is really very important thing to look of.

Why is price important for hosting?

Understanding the importance of price is really essential. A friend of mine has a hosting company and he got a bit high price, because of that he faces so many questions. One of them is “Many companies are giving a price like 1.99$/m then why are you overpriced?”  Have you ever thought of this question? If you did, then you should read this carefully.

Actually, no one is taking money without any reason. There is always a reason behind it. As an example we can talk about Kinsta, this domain starting package is $30.00/month. As we look into others provider, they are far lower than Kinsta, but you have to understand what Kinsta is giving you for that money.

First of all, they are using a cloud server named Google Cloud Platform. You may ask now what is a cloud server, it’s a big thing to explain in short but here are a few things of cloud server – Highly secured, Super fast, Centralized Collaboration, Accessible From Wherever-Whenever, Scalability, Money saver & Timesaver. Forbes predicts that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. They are giving many other services like Free CDN – 50GB, SSD – 5GB, DNS, Free white glove migrations, Automatic daily backups, Staging area, White-labeled cache plugin which is very high priced 3rd party services but all of these comes along with the package. The most important thing is management, it’s tough to manage different services separately but if it comes along with the package you don’t have to worry about it. They will do every work of yours.

That’s a real time saver I think. Last but not least is customer support, as you know a better service comes with a better price and I definitely don’t have any doubt about Kinsta support team.

So now it’s up to you to decide, but I’d say an “A better product is a bit high priced.”

Why Is Customer Support important for hosting?

Nowadays the most popular companies are losing their existing client just because of their Customer Support. If we talk about customer support, then there are so many complications which are increasing day by day.

Without well customer support it is tough to start an online business for a starter. There are so many things about hosting problem you don’t know yet, and if you need that to be solved, then you obviously should rely on customer support.

And that’s why a good Customer Support is really important.

The fastest WordPress hosting providers

Just in case you’re in a hurry, here is the topmost fastest hosting providers list along with security, uptime and customer support area.

NB: All the prices are for the lowest package, and all the reports are based on case study.

2A2 Hosting$3.92/m392ms5/599.91%5/5
4 Kinsta$30.00/m272ms5/599.99%5/5
6InMotion Hosting$4.99/m427ms4/599.94%4/5

The Full Comparison

Let’s dig a little bit deeper. Let’s start looking for the fastest WordPress hosting.

1- SiteGround

cheap wordpress hosting

SiteGround is a provider I like the most on this list. It’s not just because of its speed but also its user interface, its high-level security as well as its Customer Support. Thinking of everything SiteGround is an excellent choice if you want the fastest WordPress hosting at a low price because no other provider is giving such quality at this price.

They offer three main plans starting from $3.95, $5.95 to $11.95 a month, which makes it very affordable. The very basic plan comes with 10GB SSD, a free domain, 24/7 support, free SSL & HTTPS, free email accounts, free Cloudflare CDN, daily backup and many more you’d expect from a hosting service.

Other two plans come with some additional features like priority support, free PCI compliance and many more. Besides they give 30-day money-back guarantee. Another thing that makes SiteGround a great choice when looking for fastest WordPress hosting is their SG Optimizer plugin what gives you the advantage of SiteGround’s caching algorithms, and this plugin comes with your plan absolutely free of cost.

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2- A2 Hosting

wordpress webhosting

Personally, I’m not A2 Hosting fan, but the analysis says they have a high customer satisfaction rate. With their super fast web hosting solution they deserve to be in the 2nd place and besides they have a great customer support team which is available 24/7. Without considering any bit A2 Hosting service is a great deal for both starter and professional. Most importantly they have variations in their plan to meet everyone’s unique needs.

A2 Hosting has become one of the leading hosting providers in the last couple of years just for their reliable customer support and blazing fast web hosting. A2 Hosting comes with three different main plans starting from $3.92, $4.90 & $9.31 a month. Besides they have some advanced plans for professionals, you can check those on their website.

Their very basic plans come with one website registration, five databases, unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, free SSL & SSD, anytime money-back guarantee. Most importantly they have Turbo Server Option which will make you website 20x faster along with Anycast DNS. So it’ll be a great deal to start with A2 Hosting.

3- BlueHost

BlueHost review

BlueHost is a company which is specialized in professional shared hosting and officially approved by WordPress. They are one of the most popular hosting providers these days. With their affordable pricing and reliable support team, they should be the one to be in the top 10 list.

Their plan starts from $3.49 a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Like other hosting company they have plenty of services included in the plan, and apart from others, they are giving you the opportunity to have parked domains and 25 sub-domains which comes along with the plans.

BlueHost is a WordPress hosting which is a perfect choice for starter and small businesses and bloggers.

4- Kinsta

kinsta hosting review

Kinsta is a large company to talk about. It would be the best hosting provider with tons of premium features included which comes along with the plans, but their pricing table is a bit high from other shared hosting company.

If you were thinking like those who believe Kinsta is overpriced then read it. Like many other companies Kinsta doesn’t provide shared hosting, they are providing you with a cloud server and as you already know cloud server is priced. Besides Kinsta is giving many other services like Free CDN – 50GB, SSD – 5GB, DNS, Free white glove migrations, Automatic daily backups, Staging area, White-labeled cache plugin which is very high priced 3rd party services which also comes along with the package.

Kinsta is actually for professional and developers, but that doesn’t mean starter can’t use it. Actually, it is very organized functionally so that it seems easy for all. So if you are willing to pay a bit high for best service, then Kinsta is for you.

5- Hostinger

Hostinger hosting review

Hostinger is a really good WordPress webhosting which is recommended by Cnet. They are one of the providers who come with very cheap WordPress hosting plan with lots of amazing items packed into the plan. Their offer is running almost all the time, so I wouldn’t talk about their discount, you can see it yourself by clicking here.

Their basic plans come with variations. They have options to register an unlimited number of websites with the package, as well as unlimited Email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. Weekly backups are available in the plan.

They have SSD storage, free SSL, Easy Website Builder for beginner, 99.9% uptime guarantee with a powerful control panel. Last but not least they have 24/7/365 days customer support & you will be pleased with their support system trust me. You can definitely choose Hostinger without any doubts.

6- InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting review

InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting for WordPress nowadays. There is nothing to talk much about InMotion Hosting because whoever used this hosting has never been disappointed with their service.

Inmotion comes with a very efficient price ratio. Their plan starts at only $4.99 a month, which is one of the cheapest. The plan is bundled with unlimited disk space, 2 websites registration, free data backups, free no-downtime website transfer, unlimited email accounts, and last but not least free domain registration.

Isn’t it great? Yes, it is. So don’t wait too long just go and grab the deal today.

7- Hostgator

hostgator hosting review

HostGator is another shared WordPress hosting. HostGator is one of the biggest online hosting companies nowadays. It offers an affordable price like many others, starting $2.75/mo with one click WordPress installation.

Along with free migration, unmetered bandwidth, cPanel control panel, unlimited FTP users, 24/7 server monitoring, 99.97% uptime and last but not least their 24/7 reliable support team.

Actually personally I think support is one of the main things you should look at when buying a hosting service because it doesn’t matter if you are professional or a beginner you will always need some assistance. To be very honest they are here just because of their support system. In the end, I’d say HostGator is reliable, and you definitely can jump with them.

8- DreamHost

dreamhost hosting review

DreamHost is the one who has another massive network of over 1.5 million sites. DreamHost was founded around 1996. DreamHost is the next hosting site I’ll prefer. They are being awarded because of their security system.

One of DreamHost’s most significant drawbacks is their pricing. Their lowest plan is still almost double what some other hosting sites offer – $7.82 a month. On the other hand, you will get the most extended money back guarantee of 97 days from DreamHost.

Their most basic plan starts from $2.59 a month, which comes along with 1 website registration, a slight discount on .com domain, pre-installed WordPress, SSD storage, free SSL and many more. When I contacted customer support to ask a couple of questions, I got a relatively quick response, and it’s a big deal to me as you know already.

9- NameCheap

namecheap hosting review

NameCheap has become most popular in the last couple of years because they are cheapest WordPress hosting in the market right now. Let me explain with their starter plan, if you buy their hosting for 1 month, then it will cost you $2.88/mo, but if you buy it for a year then they will give you 50% discount and then that will be $15.44/year. Isn’t it great?? Yes, it is excellent.

At this price range they offer so many things what other companies won’t give you, like they are offering 20 GB SSD, up to 3 website registration, Hacking protection, WordPress & cPanel included, free SSL, Revolutionary Dell Server Technology, website builder, 30-day money-back guarantee and most importantly 24/7 support system.

Besides they offer you to choose their data center location. For a starter they have two locations one is at US and another is at UK. I think no other companies will give you such an option. Though I’m not a fan of NameCheap, but their deal is worth taking.

10- Ipage

ipage hosting review

iPage was started in 1998 and has since grown to serve over one million websites. Honestly, I didn’t think they would perform well because they are very cheap on the market, but I gave them a chance, luckily I found them very reliable. During this time they have managed to hold their 99.98% uptime.

For the price, I’d rate Ipage after NameCheap, and their offer is a bit similar too. Their plan starts with the price $1.99 a month if you buy for 12-36 months. You’d technically be locked into a long term deal to get that price, but it isn’t really bad at all. Their uptime will hold them on the top 10 list.

In the end, I can say Ipage is probably not the best option in hosting WordPress, although the customer support and the price are nice. I’d like to rate them as one of the best cheap WordPress hostings.

11- TeconceHost

teconce host review

Recently I’ve discovered a company named TeconceHost. A friend of mine is using since last 2 years. He is a fan of TeconceHost, so I’ve done a little bit of research. TeconceHost is a new company & that company is definitely worth taking, but I’ve listed them on the last just because they are not pretty much well known in the market.

Talking about TeconceHost, they are similar to A2 Hosting in many ways. Their speed, uptime is comparable. Besides they come up with a great deal and which is $1.66/mo. Isn’t it great? Yes. Their offer is bundled with amazing things like a free xyz domain, free site transfer, cPanel control panel, free SSL, pure SSD and most importantly 24/7 support.

With this much value added to the plan, they are rising day by day. I hope you won’t get disappointed by them.


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